Hollow brick machine vibration pressure device is introduced and its classification
2018-12-27 14:35

 Baking-free brick machine Is the use of slag, slag, fly ash, stone, sand and gravel, cement as raw materials, such as scientific proportioning, mixing of water, through the hollow brick machine high pressure to suppress the cement block, hollow block, or color pavement brick machinery and equipment. This kind of equipment is all accounts baking-free brick machine, that is to say, to produce cement brick or hollow block, do not need to sintering, by air is basked in can leave the factory for a short period of time. Arguably less investment, quick effect, which is a lot of popular choices for investors to invest.
     For hollow bricks to protect the precious land resources in our country, but also achieve the reuse of resource, such as everyone considered waste slag, slag, construction waste, etc., can be transformed into baking-free brick by brick machine, so as to realize the recycling of the resources, that is why countries publish relevant policy, vigorously support the development of the cause of the cement market. In addition, also many friends worry, how is the quality of the cement block? Its strength can meet? Here I can give you a positive reply, completely not only inferior to the old red brick, the quality of the cement block intensity is far more than the strength of red brick.
     According to different classification factors, the hollow brick machine can be divided into many types, I described briefly several: according to the degree of automation can be divided into:
     Automatic hollow brick machine, semi-automatic hollow brick machine and manual hollow brick machine.
     According to the principle of forming different can be divided into: mechanical vibration type and hydraulic type.
     According to the forming system is divided into: mechanical hollow brick machine and hydraulic pressure type hollow brick machine.
     According to the type of bricks can be divided into: porous brick hollow brick machine Cement block machine Vertical directional vibration extrusion forming of hollow brick machine adopts synchronous demoulding, rotate quickly cloth, to ensure the bearing block, lightweight aggregate block, fly ash blocks of fully dense, uniform fabric quickly, fabric pre vibration cloth, shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency, unique mode resonance system. The vibration concentrated on the mould, ensure block compactness and reduce the frame vibration and noise. The body USES the ultra large .