QT10-15 block making machine
2020-09-15 10:26

Vibration system of QT10-15 block making machine
 The vibration was designed for the use in block making machines and has the following
    Features and improvements:
   (1)Very solid, robust design (housing out of nodular graphite cast iron)
   (2)Designed for extreme mechanical and electrical strain (Heat).
   (3)Unbalancing weights continuously adjustable from 0 to max., with improved clamping due to changed force working point of the clamping screw.
   (4) Housing and terminal box are cast in one piece for heavy duty applications. Dust and water proofed
   (5) Part of the delivery is a special cable with ant-kink rubber sleeve. In addition a strain relief within the terminal board protects the cable connection.
(6)Strong dimensioned cylindrical roller bearing and solid bearing shield. Improved sealing against dust in the bearing area due to elongated bearing bushings (additional spacer ring is no longer needed).
    (7)Improved rotor fixation to the shaft.
    (8) Generously dimensioned winding with strong starting torque and high temperature resistance (rated for F) and vibration resistant winding.
    (9) Over-dimensioned base plate for secure fixation and good centrifugal force transfer.
    (10) Increased centrifugal force (11% more than previous model, as used in many block making machines, eg. MASA machines).
    (11) Including special connections, e.g. notch for gearbox connection(MASA).