mobile brick making machine
2018-12-27 14:37

Instruction of mobile block making machine
   This is mobile block-making machine with CE approved machine for the production of hollow concrete blocks with variable length between 200 mm and 400 mm. 
   It's a fully automatic, self-propelled machine, with vibro-compression operation, working on a sliding, wear resistant plate. This solution is better than working directly on a track. The steel plate gives in fact better finishing and size control. 
   Pressing performance is also better, and any problem of the material sticking to the track is avoided. 
   Lateral vibration using special Badinmac vibrators; Upper vibration on the stripper, using electric vibrators;frequencies can be easily and continuously adjusted, depending on concrete mould and material mix type. 
   Special Badinmac systems for unloading of the hopper and shaking of the grid.