Influence of several other factors aerated concrete strength
2018-12-27 14:37

Aerated concrete production process is mainly composed of raw material preparation, mixing, pouring, quiet, cutting,autoclave curing of six major processes, a lot of problems in the process of production, including the influencing factors of aerated concrete strength there is a lot.Global machinery brick machine operations center with yearsBaking-free brick machine,Aerated brick equipmentProduction experience, the common problems in the process of aerated concrete production are detailed, the following will introduce you several factors that affect the concrete strength.
  1.1The influence of the mixing proportion
  Together with the ratio on the strength of concrete is mainly manifested in the size of water cement ratio.In general, the strength of the ordinary concrete and water cement ratio is inversely proportional to, under the condition of the ratio of construction have been identified, the factors influencing water cement ratio in the process of mixing is mainly the accuracy of the measurement and field sand mixing system of water, especially sand moisture content will often because of batch and the change in the weather, must be timely detection of water-cement ratio accordingly, to insure the construction mixture ratio.
  1.2The influence of construction measures
  Construction measures such as mixing, transportation, pouring and vibrating, construction should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of every links in the operation, any link problems will affect the site cast concrete strength.Mainly in the mixing, transportation and casting part should prevent concrete mixture segregation;Vibration should be appropriate, vibrating deficiency can cause the sex differences appear even honeycomb pitting surface of concrete, quality defects such as the excessive vibration can make the coarse aggregate in concrete sink again, increase appear statified segregation slurry, in both cases will reduce the strength of the concrete.
  1.3The influence of the curing
  Concrete is poured concrete must be conducted in accordance with the provisions, after the completion of damp or water in order to ensure the normal development of the strength of the concrete structure.Maintenance good or bad has a significant effect on cement hydration.Must strictly carry out the maintenance system, to carry out.Maintenance measures to ensure the quality of the concrete.
  To ensure the quality of concrete measures
  Key factors affecting the quality of concrete as cement, fly ash, water, sand, stone aggregate and admixture of concrete raw materials and mix proportion, construction and maintenance of concrete strength will produce certain effect, which should be the key control factor is: the strength of cement, the fineness of the sand, silt and water content, gravel needle flake content and wait the aniseed, the fineness of fly ash, mixture ratio, water cement ratio), the accuracy of pouring the mixture workability, concrete mixture air content, vibration strength and vibration time, curing temperature and humidity.
  Above the control factors, the material such as sand, stone, fly ash control target detection cycle is short, which can realize real-time control, gas in the concrete, workability and other indicators also can realize real-time detection and control.And the intensity of cement required age period is longer than the routine inspection, the inspection result usually late to come out., and the intensity of cement and influence of proportion of concrete strength and determination, adjust the scene of the most important factors, so must use cement rapid testing method predicting cement strength of 28 days, as the basis of concrete production control;In addition to the concrete proportioning accuracy control shall be determined by the strength of concrete, test as well as the evaluation of the stability of the quality of concrete production, and the intensity of conventional 28 days inspection can not achieve the purpose of real-time control, must develop a new rapid test for the strength of the concrete test.
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